What? A video marketing pro saying that landing page videos are a bad idea? Let me explain…

I’ve spent my entire career learning about and working with video, so I can call myself an expert. Recently, I’ve been teaching people how to make their own videos for social media and vlogs through my online course Visibility Matters but today I want to discuss landing page videos.

Many people approach me asking me to teach them how to make videos for their landing page. It’s true that landing page videos can increase your conversions by a massive 86%, but only if they’re done right. Many micro-business owners want a video on their homepage so they’ll rank higher on search engines, but they forget that their potential customers will all watch that video.



Many micro-business owners also want to save money; I get it, running a business is costly. However, a poorly-produced video could be very costly – in terms of losing potential business.

Think about how much you sell your product or service for. If you are demanding a high price for your goods or expertise (and you should!) then you need to have a slickly-produced video on your landing page. You can’t sell like Selfridges while looking like Poundland!

Your viewers will form an impression from the video they watch. It’s not just an online mechanism. Your landing page video should build trust and communicate your brand properly, so that your customers know they are receiving a quality service.

Having a bad landing page video can really send the wrong message to your potential clients. You can’t imagine the damage that it can do.



When a micro-business owner tells me that they want to make a landing page video, the first question I normally ask is “why?” This isn’t to put them off, it’s to find out what they want the video to achieve. If the only reason is to save money, then I encourage you to reconsider why you’re running your own business – to make money or to save money?

Most micro-business owners want to make an “About Us” video. While that’s a great idea in theory, it’s difficult to get right, particularly on your own. I’m delighted when people consult me, as I can guide them on the right way to do it.



There are a few things you need to make a brilliant landing page video:

  1. A solid concept
  2. Good visuals
  3. Great audio
  4. Superb lighting
  5. Memorable details

These are not normally things that you can achieve on your own. Believe me when I tell you that you need a professional.

I’m all for self-made videos for your social media and vlogs or YouTube channels, and I’ll gladly help you build a strategy and share the technical elements that improve your video marketing, but for a landing page video, I strongly suggest that you hire a professional.

I’m happy to have a chat any time if you’d like to learn more about landing page videos, simply get in touch and we can talk that through.

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