You’d be surprised how often I get asked to teach people how to read a script on video. Here’s the thing: the purpose of your business video isn’t to deliver a perfect script!

While it is good to prepare some copy, it’s not good to memorise or read it out while you are filming. The aim of the video is to create a connection with your audience, and you’re not focusing on that if you’re thinking about your script.


It’s difficult to be authentic when reading from a script even when they are the words you’ve composed, and as I’ve mentioned before, authenticity is key for your brand videos.

Imagine if you went to a business meeting, shook hands with a potential client then took a script out of your bag and began reading it to them.

How would that affect your connection?

Not positively, right?

You wouldn’t be looking them in the eye, and your attention would be directed towards the script you are reading, which wouldn’t really inspire a comfortable interaction.


It’s the same on video, they want to see your face and look into your eyes.

This also makes the argument against a teleprompter. If you are reading off a teleprompter then you aren’t looking directly into the camera. It might surprise you to learn that your audience will notice that.

People sound a little robotic when they are reading too. It doesn’t sound like their normal speaking voice.

Some will argue that they can memorise their script and deliver straight to the camera, line-perfect.

Maybe you’ll argue that you have theatre training and can deliver like Helen Mirren or Raph Fiennes, but this isn’t a theatre performance – it’s a video where you are engaging your audience. Believe me, I’ve never come across a business owner who can deliver like either of them!

Plus, you will be focused on remembering those lines – you’ll need to be perfect, and that will break the connection with your audience.


According to renowned psychologist, David DeSteno, the simplest way for someone gain trust in you is to make them feel a link with you. When using video, they need to believe that you want to help them (which can only come through if they think you’re being authentic).

When you’re speaking from the heart, it may not be perfect, but it is the real you. Just say things the way you’d say it in person. Your audience will find that connection much easier and they’ll appreciate you for it.


I’m happy to have a chat any time if you’d like to go deeper into preparing script for videos, simply get in touch and we can have a chat.

I also offer a comprehensive course called Visibility Matters, which covers not only the technical aspects of creating great video, but prepares you for doing so. Over the course of six modules, I help you build a solid video marketing strategy, break down any psychological barriers you have when it comes to video and start creating quality video content for your social media platforms. If you want to know more, click here.





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