When you begin making videos for your business, it feels like there is a lot to learn.

You want to have a great set-up, look good on camera and deliver your message.

Video marketing for your business is highly effective when it’s done well. That leads people to the following questions, that I get asked all the time as a video marketing expert.


Q1: Do I need to invest a lot of money into video marketing?

A: The short answer is no. You can produce excellent videos for social media on your smartphone!

When you’re just starting out, there’s no need to buy a microphone or other fancy equipment for your set-up. Focus on feeling comfortable on camera, and then as your confidence grows, you can look at improving your videos.

If you work with the tools you have – which is simply the camera on your smartphone, position it right (eye-level) and speak confidently then this is worth all the investment you’d spend on new equipment.

A tripod is an inexpensive item that I do recommend, in order to keep your camera stable.

 Q2: Do I need to be a professional public speaker/presenter to perform well on video?

A: No, but it certainly helps!

The delivery is a vital part of your video. Speaking confidently about your product or service shows your audience that you believe in it. That makes them believe in it too. You have 3 seconds to get their attention – eye contact, assured body language and varied tonality in the voice makes people take notice.

If you sound bored or unsure, your viewer will scroll on.

It takes practice to come across naturally, which sounds like a contradiction, but it’s true. Being on screen isn’t a natural setting so you need to adapt.

People are looking for your product or service. If you gain their trust, they will buy from you. Therefore, learning some public speaking skills helps.

Q3: Should I read a script?


A: Many people think that preparing and reading a script will help them, but it can actually hamper you.

When you read a script, you won’t be looking directly at the camera. This breaks the illusion of eye contact, which breaks your connection with the audience. It can also affect your credibility as the viewer expects you to know about your product / business / update.

Consider that professional newsreaders use on-screen autocue, and they have trained to appear natural while using it.

Would you like to watch someone reading? It’s not very interesting. So, I advise people not to read a script.

Q4: Do I need to use professional editing software?

A: Another no.

In order to create great content videos you just need to share valuable information.

You can actually do this in one take. My advice to beginners is always to take out your phone, point and record for one minute. You’ll be surprised how much value you can share in that time.

You are simply making the process more complicated when you snip and splice, and it’s hard to get it right.

  • Keep it brief
  • Focus on value
  • Have a conversational tone

When starting out, it’s nerve-wracking enough to just appear on camera, without having to do it several times and then master editing tools.

A lot of editing can actually come across as inauthentic and artificial.

When you do decide you can handle more, you can actually find really inexpensive apps on your phone.

The number one key to creating great video marketing content is YOU!

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