In my last blog, I spoke about how important it is to be authentic on video, and what that really means. I emphasize authenticity throughout much of my training with business owners, and it’s also the first part of this blog – The ABCDE of Script That Sells.

Whether you’re shooting your own videos on your mobile phone, or you’re getting ready for a shoot with me or another videographer, you’ll need to prepare in advance. Part of that is knowing what you’re going to talk about – your script.

Not a Script in the Traditional Sense

First, I want to make it clear that I don’t mean writing down every single thing you’re going to say and reading or memorizing it: this doesn’t come across well. I mean outlining your main message and your main points so that you don’t go off topic or meander.

I’ve put together this because it’s easy for clients to remember.

A stands for Authentic

B is for Brief

C is for Clear

D stands for Deliberate 

And E, for Engaging.

Now, this all looks very simple to follow, and in some ways it is, but it is surprising how many people misinterpret one of the above and it compromises their video, making them lose their viewers’ attention and sometimes even their business!

So, let’s open these out and see how you can nail each one to create videos that are impactful and make your customers know and like you. 

A – Authentic

I know I’m at risk of being repetitive here, but I actually can’t stress authenticity enough. Your script needs to sound like you. You can’t look up a competitor and copy their words, because when no matter how well you master it, you’ll just end up sounding like someone else and your potential customer will feel that. Even if they don’t know exactly what’s wrong, they will have a reaction to it; a sense that something is off.

Be YOURSELF. Talk like you talk, use the words that you would use.

Now, that can be easier said than done, sometimes nerves can cause you to act differently on camera, or some small habit you have (such as using your hands a lot) can distract from what you’re saying. If that’s the case, you can always reach out – I can help you overcome any nerves and come across as your best self on video. 

B – Brief

Did you know our attention spans are getting shorter? That’s why brevity is important.

How many times have you clicked off a video because it went on too long? 

Keeping it brief boosts your engagement and wins you followers. They tune in for the information, but they like it kept short and sweet.

 Here’s a handy reference for social media platforms:

  • Instagram – videos of 1 minute or less
  • Facebook – Between 60 and 90 seconds, but shorter is better
  • LinkedIn, up to 2 minutes

How do you keep your video to a minimum? That leads nicely onto…

C – Clear

What do your viewers need to get from your video. Clarify your main message and make sure that your viewers can understand it. 

People really love when things are clear. If it’s complicated, they’ll turn off. 

My hot tip here is to have one message and cover it within 1 – 3 points in your video. Any more and you’re overwhelming the audience – they will switch off, or they won’t remember.

D – Deliberate

You need to keep yourself on track, so this ties in with C. Structure your script so that you know what you’re going to talk about and when (again, this doesn’t mean reading it!).

Deliberately know what message you’re giving your audience and what they will get from it.

E – Engaging

You want to leave your viewers with a good impression, so you need to create engaging content. There’s so much out there for them to consume right now that you need to provide something exciting and stimulating.

Remember, you’re educating your audience – they are coming to you for help with something, so how can you show them WHY you’re passionate about your product or service?

Showing them why will engage them, showing them how it will help them will excite them, which will motivate them to buy from you.

Keep your customers interested. 

Free Download!

Download the ABCDE of Script that Sells here. If you want to create amazing videos on your mobile phone, you can sign up for my Mastering Video Marketing course. I cover your script, and so much more.

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