“Video takes a lot of time, that’s why I prefer writing, because I can do it anywhere at any time. I just grab my phone or a piece of paper and write it.”

This is what I hear a lot of from the most steadfast ‘avoiders of video’.

To be fair, it is all completely true. Video content does take a lot of time to create, especially if you want it done right and delivering the right message about your brand and the product or services you provide.

But the ROI of video content is so much higher than written content.

In fact, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI and marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. (source: wordstream.com)

But this also does not mean that you can create one or two videos and immediately see these results.

To be able to make the most out of video, you need to create a complete strategy for integrating video marketing into your business.

Sounds like a plan, but where do you start with it? Below you will find the 3 P’s of creating a successful Video Marketing Strategy that I have developed throughout the years of my practice, which help you plan it all out efficiently and put into practice effortlessly. Ready to start creating a video marketing strategy that works? Here you go.

The 3 P’s of Video Strategy:


This is the actual objective of your video marketing strategy. So before you start filming, be aware of what it is that you’re planning to achieve.

You can think of the purpose of video marketing in terms of short term or long term goals.

With short term goals, the idea is you just post a video and see what happens. They serve as stepping stones to achieving bigger objectives. Short term goals basically go along with long term goals and put into practice small bits that together compose the bigger picture.

For example, short term goals can be focused on posting just one video with the objective of wanting people to like it, or posting one or two videos where you tell people about your new programme, or posting a video to lead people to check out your new website. The idea is some sort of result that can be achieved quickly and can potentially hit your goal after one or a few actions. These are more on the tactics side of things, and a set of tactics make up strategy, as you might already know.

Long term goals are what you can see after applying sets of short term goals. This could be something along the lines of wanting to grow the number of your followers, drive traffic to your website or blog, get more of your audience engaged with your content, or make the most out of the social media mechanisms. Obviously longer-term goals such as these take more time and effort to achieve. They outline the direction in which your strategy will go and dictate your shorter term goals.

Regardless of what your purpose is, and whether it is a short-term goal, or long-term goal, it’s important to acknowledge and focus on because having the right objective will help you achieve the results you want with video marketing strategy.


One of the things that people forget to do is actually put enough time and effort into the actual planning of their video strategy.

This is crucial because when you know WHAT you’re going to be doing and WHEN you’re going to be doing it (because you’ve allocated this specific time in your schedule), then there are many more chances you will make sure that things are going to happen, because like with any strategy, you need to have a plan. You really can’t just have things that you’ll be doing occasionally and spontaneously if you want some very specific results.

I find a lot of people struggle with this concept and use their lack of planning as an excuse. For example, a lot of people tell me, “Video takes a lot of time, that’s why I prefer writing, because I can do it anywhere at any time. I just grab my phone or a piece of paper and write it.” While this is obviously true, is this the way you want to be doing your social media strategy?

It’s important to understand that your video marketing is part of your overall strategy.

So you do want to understand what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.

A great way to cut down on your video content taking up lots of time is to plan to allocate certain days to film. Perhaps you can set aside time once a month – maybe you choose the second Monday of the month. Plan to record 3 or 4 different videos (you can even plan an outfit change!) and then your video content is sorted for the entire month.


Performance is about when you actually post your video and the results it brings. This involves analysing which videos people actually watched and interacted with.

Pay close attention to what your audience likes… Literally, which videos have people actually liked? Which videos do they engage with? Was there any particular pattern to them? How did people react to your video? Was there anything that you noticed that people are more interested in?

It could be the topic you’re speaking about, it could be the type of the video… You won’t know until you check the performance of your videos and analyse which is the most engaging content and what specifically it is that people tend to react to, and how it brings you closer to your goals.

So, for example, those purposes that you actually had behind posting single videos, did you achieve them? Were those objectives actually met or did you end up having something different? (Maybe this was a good thing you weren’t accounting for!)

So those are my 3 P’s for a successful video marketing strategy, designed to make your life easier and your video marketing more efficient.

Once you integrate these 3 P’s, video marketing will no longer seem like an overwhelming or daunting task. It will simply be a part of your overall strategy that, if done thoroughly, will bring in lots of new clients!

I know getting started can be tricky, and you may still be battling some doubts about how you can really make video marketing work for your business.

Which is why I offer 60 minute “Power Hour” sessions – specifically for business owners who are interested in adding video marketing to their business and aren’t sure where to start. I help you make video marketing simple and fun with my expertise. I can answer all your questions, calm any doubts you have, and provide you with a solid strategy outline and advice.

You can learn more and get yourself booked in for a session right here.

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