In my last blog post, I spoke about new beginnings and mentioned how old and new ideas often come to life in September. It’s the same for new businesses, whether it’s the change in seasons or children going back to school, autumn is a huge time for new business incorporation, and that has only been bolstered by the pandemic.

I know how much there is to think about when you start a new business. From analysing your competitors to ensuring that you’ll stand out from the crowd, there are so many tips that it can be daunting. It’s a subject that is very close to my heart, as a small business owner, but today I’m going to talk about how video marketing can make all the difference.

If you’re one of those soon-to-be business owners, I’m sure that you’re wondering how video marketing can help you?

1. Creating a Presence

When you launch a business, you’ve clarified your offering and why it’s great for others. It’s good to feel proud of what you’ve achieved getting it off the ground. Congratulations!

However, “build it and they will come,” doesn’t work so well anymore. Your customers need to know where to come, who to come to, and why they should come to you.

If you haven’t established a presence prior to your launch, you may find that your launch is more of a damp squib than a rocket release.

You need your potential clients to get to know you, trust you and learn about your business. It’s been a few decades since Dr. Jeffrey Lant originated the Rule of 7, but it remains true – customers need to come across your company at least seven times before they buy from you.

The great thing is that you can do so much with video! Your customers can see and hear you; they can get a sense of who you are and what your values are. You can create a presence before you ever try to sell to them.

2. Build Your Audience

There’s no point having a launch without an audience, right?

By creating videos ahead of your launch, you can build your audience. Not only that, but you can begin interacting with them. This will make them like and trust you more – vital components on their buying journey.

I can’t express just how important it is for your audience to get to know you. This is especially true for coaches, but also solicitors, financial advisors… anyone really! Think about the people you’ve chosen to buy from or use the services of – it’s probably because you know, like and trust them.

You can show them preparations for the launch, make them feel involved.

If you develop a good strategy for your pre-launch videos, then your launch can actually exceed your expectations.

How do you add video to your strategy?

Some people have never used video before, and have no idea how to inspire their audience to trust them. It’s not about fancy equipment, or a wordy script – in fact, these are two things that I know you don’t need.

I run the Visibility Matters course to specifically help small business owners. The fact is, the earlier you learn the skills, the more impact it will have on your business.

I focus on video marketing being easy and effective.

  • I don’t overload you with technical stuff
  • I won’t make you memorise a lengthy script

I have plans but nothing is complicated. I put the emphasis on getting the best results for you, while understanding that you don’t have the budget of a huge brand.

Every single business owner that I’ve worked with has wished they came to me earlier. It’s difficult to quantify what business they may have missed out on, but estimates put it at 30%!

Don’t let video scare you or stop you this September. Add it to the agenda! Either sign up for the next Visibility Matters course, or simply get in touch and I can help you formulate a pre-plan video action plan.

Find out more about UFocus on our Instagram page, where you’ll find tips on video marketing and much more information specifically for small business owners using video.

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