At first, many of my clients suffer from a lack of confidence, and there are many tools to overcome this. This week, I invited my friend Style Coach, Stefania Bartolomei, from One of a Style, to share her tips on styling for your video.


You may be jumping up and down at the thought of finally getting back to seeing loved ones face-to-face, but many of us are continuing to work from home; have networking events via Zoom; and embracing the possibility of conversations with global connections through the technologies we have used over the past year.

Many of us have also used video in the past year to connect with our potential clients and showcase our businesses, and hopefully you’ll continue to do so. With this in mind, I want to share with you some of my personal stylist tips to help you feel and look confident from the waist up for your online conversations, and your marketing videos too!

Start with a touch of colour

Colour is a huge part of our confidence. Have you ever noticed that a certain colour somehow lights you up when you add it to your wardrobe? That’s because our colours can truly make us shine!

If you are planning to film a marketing video for your business, or attend a networking meeting, and need a boost of confidence, add an accessory in your favourite colour to your look. It can be as simple as a scarf, hairpiece, or necklace, to a shirt or jumper in that colour, to elevate the way you feel and look.

If you are unsure on what colours to choose based on how you want to be perceived, you can find out more about the psychology of colours here.

Be conscious of patterns

Patterns can be picked up differently when on camera – we’ve all seen the barcode effect on television when someone is interviewed, and we don’t want the same to happen for us! However, when it comes to filming and video calls, a pattern can be a great way to add interest to your picture. If you are someone that loves patterns, the best patterns to wear on camera are polka dots, thick stripes, and larger designs to get picked up on screens that are often quite small!


Add jewellery

If you want some interest added to your top half -an easy and effective way to do this is by adding a little sparkle!

I love adding jewellery to my look for a networking meeting or recording a video for my business. It can elevate my daily “mum” style to a professional look in a flash. So, keep some of your favourite jewellery items on hand that you can easily add to your outfit. Something like a necklace over your shirt or a long pair of earrings can look great on camera, but be mindful if you move your head a lot as your earrings can move about and be a little distracting to your audience.

Make up makes a difference

Many of us have been enjoying a lifestyle that requires perhaps a little less make up due to working from home, but when you are planning to join a meeting online, or filming a video the addition of make-up really will make a difference.

It’s best to gravitate towards a stronger look for the camera, perhaps a bright lipstick in your shade, some eye shadow, and a good amount of blusher so the camera can pick it up. If you’re unsure on how to choose the right lipstick for your skin tone, I’ve shared some tips in this blog to help!



Layer up

Adding some extra layers like a blazer, or a top under your summer dress, can create definition on the camera. Just as you would pop your suit jacket on when you attend a meeting, you can create a more professional look when adding a blazer to your favourite outfit. This is also a great way to add colour.

If you have some go-to blazers in your wardrobe that are colourful it can elevate a classic white t-shirt or blouse for the camera and bring your brand colours into the frame without having to fill your wardrobe. Blazers are actually my favourite crossover item, and you can wear them with a range of outfits on and off camera, so it is a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe. Another option is to add a turtle neck under your shirt, or a cardigan over your top.


Whatever you choose to wear in your videos, the most important part is that you feel comfortable and confident. Make sure you’re wearing items that don’t make you fidget too much, and feel good on your skin. Soft materials such as silks, and jerseys, and clothes that fit you well rather than feel constrictive are the go-to items for your video outfit.

I hope you enjoy the next video session you have and if you’d like some support in planning your wardrobe to make you feel confident, please get in touch.

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