Welcome back! If you’re here, you already know the importance of getting your messaging right, you just want to learn how. It’s not so much about the funky colours or things that you add to your video – it is all about the quality of your messaging. Sometimes it takes a while to identify what is great and what’s not (hint: see Role Models or Rivals below) but we’ll cover that.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when received by video, so making sure that you’re clear in your messaging is key. There is no point in just shooting videos and posting them across your social media platforms – with so much competition out there, you need to stand out, so it’s imperative that you get your messaging right, and attract the right viewers for your brand. You only have a minute or two to capture their attention (in fact, much less, but we’ll discuss that another time!)

In our last post, we introduced the six simple R’s that will help with your messaging. You don’t just have to wait around for inspiration, we’re giving it to you!


The Six Simple R’s are Recycle, Review, Research, Role Models, Real-Life and Rival’s (Content). Today, we’re looking at Role Models, Real-Life and Rival’s (content) as the sources to boost our messaging.


Who are your role models? They don’t have to be your industry – perhaps it’s a powerful woman like Serena Williams or a more historic figure like Marie Curie? Ok, Marie Curie probably doesn’t get a lot of likes on Facebook, but look at your role models and the content they have shared. It doesn’t even have to be someone famous, as long as it’s someone you admire.

What gains them the most engagement? If they get regular engagement, then examine what they are doing. See what people are commenting on, and consider how you can emulate your role model. This doesn’t mean copy them, but get inspired! For instance, Serena Williams has shared posts on motherhood, what does motherhood have to do with tennis? Nothing, but it is a huge part of her life now, and people want to hear about it.

Consider the structure used in your role model’s posts. Can you build content around a similar theme? Can you relate the topic to your business? Can you use a quote from them as a jumping off point? When you see what others do well, and how their audience responds, it makes you delve deeper into what you could be doing for your own brand.


Here’s one that we don’t think about enough. What do you do outside work?

  1. A) What are your hobbies?
  2. B) Can you create a post that draws from one into the other? It could be fun, right?

It also provides another perspective. Perhaps you practice mixed martial arts or like to hike in the outdoors – you might find that a move inspires you, or a certain birdcall – it’s amazing the revelations you can experience when you keep your mind open. You might find that one part of your life influences another – and you can talk about this on your video.

People identify with real people, so take your inspiration from your whole life, not just your business. When you’re being real, people respond to that.


Here we come to the last R, but certainly not the least. Your rivals. Don’t worry – it’s just another name for competition.

It can be useful to look at the content your competition is providing. Definitely don’t copy any of their posts, but see what posts the audience responds to. If you do want to do something on a similar topic, ensure that you have your own slant on it. They might just touch on something that you know you could expand on massively. Everyone’s story and methods differ, but it’s the way in which the story is told that you need to look at. It’s surprising the ideas that are borne out of looking at your competitor’s feed, and you better believe that they are looking at yours!


I’m happy to have a chat any time if you’d like to go deeper into your messaging for videos, simply get in touch and we can have a chat.

I also offer a comprehensive course called Visibility Matters, which covers the technical elements of creating great video, but so much more. Over the course of six weeks, I can help you build a solid video marketing strategy, break down any psychological barriers you have when it comes to video and you’ll complete at least five videos to use on your social media platforms. If you want to know more, click here.

Come back for our next blog from a special guest, one of my clients, Style Coach Stefania Bartolomei, who will be sharing her best tips for looking good on camera.

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