If you’re here, you already know that video marketing is a vital part of your business strategy. Do you know how important it is though?

In 2021, consumers have reported that they prefer video to every other type of content a brand can provide.

71% of consumers purchase a service or product after they’ve seen a brand’s video on social media. Now, people go to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube when they’re looking to buy.

Many businesses have cottoned on to this and have begun producing their own videos. If you’ve done the same, that’s fantastic! Now, you need to stand out. In that huge marketplace, you need to ensure that you’re truly communicating your brand in the best way.



I understand that video can seem daunting. For some it’s the technical side, for others, they struggle with being seen/heard on camera. The truth is that you need to balance several elements to produce great videos that will really attract people to your brand. From learning how to light yourself in the right way to getting your message right on camera.



That’s why I offer a Video Marketing Power Hour (up to 75 minutes) to up your video game. From building your confidence on camera to helping you plan a successful video strategy; we can cover the elements you want and target the specific skills you’re looking for.


Most business owners I know love learning skills that will improve their business, but most are short on time. This is one of the reasons a Video Power Hour is brilliant.

You can:

– Speak to the video expert (that’s me!) about what’s working/not working for you
– Focus on your video needs specifically
– Discuss how you can use the specific technology you have for video
– Save time on your video marketing by becoming more efficient
– Discover how to be more authentic on video
– Gain confidence where you need it, whether in front of the camera or editing

… and much more. The power hour session is about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Giving you that one-on-one time with the video marketing expert so you can get more from video.

In these sessions, we usually cover three main topics. These are defined by your business and your needs. The clients who have completed these sessions have said they “gained confidence”, “boosted my knowledge of videos in such a short space of time” and “really learned how to fine tune my editing skills” in under 75 minutes!

When I hear more about your brand, I can use my expertise to make your video marketing as effective as it can be.

Book your Video Marketing Power Hour here and take your videos to the next level.

(If you’d like more in-depth training, then check out my course, Visibility Matters and get on the waiting list for the next launch. This course teaches you all you need to know about shooting videos on your mobile phone.)


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