This month, we thought that we’d shine the spotlight back on our clients and outline some case studies. This can help you gain a better insight into what we do and understand how video can truly elevate your brand visibility.

We’re starting with “One of a Style” owned by Stefania Bartolomei (who coincidentally provided a guest post right on this blog recently) and how video has not only increased brand awareness for her but also boosted her conversion rate considerably.

Find out all the details below:

CLIENT: One of a Style, Stefania Bartolomei

With extensive experience in image consultancy, Stefania offers personal shopping services, wardrobe edits and colour analysis.

BRIEF: Stefania wanted a promotional video that would showcase the extent of her services and clients, which range from businessmen to busy mums and brides. She had recently returned to her role after maternity leave and was aware that video was key to helping potential customers to like, know and trust her even before they got in touch.

Stefania was also keen to learn how to create her own branded videos and become more confident with the camera. She needed the tools to achieve sleek, professional videos whenever she needed – for use across social media.

Our Strategy

First, we spoke to Stefania about her business goals to identify and discussed her options for video. Stefania decided on the Promo Video Package, but we tweaked it to suit her exact needs. This included filming and editing with two revisions.

She was also keen to express her personality through video, so that her potential clients could see her personality shine and understand how she works. To help with this, we suggested the Confidence on Camera training, and she readily agreed.

In the lead up to filming, communications flowed through phone and email.


A 200% increase in enquiries!

Stefania completely nailed the Confidence on Camera training and was so impressed with the training that she decided to book a 1-2-1 workshop to further increase her knowledge of creating quality video content.

Check out Stefania’s promotional video here:

ONE OF A STYLE by Stefania Bartolomei

Not only did her enquiries rise by 200%, but the conversion rate for One of a Style also soared. Why? Clients have reported that they got a real feel for her personality from her videos (this isn’t unusual, with plenty of data to support this for all businesses). Stefania’s Like, Know & Trust factor has accelerated, leading to more sales. What’s more, our 1-2-1 training provided Stefania with the expertise to create consistent video content for One of a Style’s social channels, whenever she needs to.

In the Client’s Words:

“I feel much more confident in front of the camera, which gave me the push to start creating my own videos. With more visibility came more enquiries and translated into more clients. People contact me because they already know if they like me [from my videos], and have already decided that they want to work with me. Eugenia provided me with everything I needed to create polished videos, which has really paid off for my business.”


You can see more of One of a Style’s videos here:



You can get a taste of what our training is like by attending one of our webinars, just book here:

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