As the lights twinkle all over London, the festive season reminds me that we’re coming to the end of another interesting year. People are winding down; in spite of extra measures, there are still glasses clinking across the capital and small business owners are putting the final touches on projects, probably glancing forward to 2022 and what it might bring.

When reviewing budgets and making plans, it also brings reflection. I’m used to focusing my camera forward, but to get the best picture, I need to look back too. In my last blog, I shared some of the back story behind UFocus, but I want to bring it up to date.

2021 was a difficult, but lovely year for UFocus. I certainly experienced some extra challenges, but I also found the good in them – being able to adapt is integral to owning a small business.


Just as we’d adapted to working online, which was not an easy task for someone who was used to going out, meeting clients, networking and filming, then we were allowed to do things in person again. However, I discovered that I could deliver certain work online!

Now I’ve transitioned to a mixture of online and offline, and the flexibility is wonderful.


I chose just three professional experiences that stood out this year for me. Of course, I have more – but let’s keep this succinct ?

  1. My first in-person filming experience – post-lockdown

Our excitement was palpable. Things were beginning to move again, opening up and Katie Henry asked me to film an explainer video for her business Art in Offices. It was my first face-to-face project in over a year!

When you have a visual business, videos are a vital part of your marketing strategy. It’s great because people can truly see what you offer.

I love filming projects that are creative, so working on this project was rewarding for me. Capturing the beautiful artwork that Katie and her team have sourced, and how they enhance the different spaces of her clients was close to a dream project. 

2. Creating a campaign online

Ceylan is a powerhouse business coach who leads The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs, so she wasn’t held back by having to do things differently.

She attended some online training on video with UFocus, and then realised she needed some extra professional help for her videos.

I recorded videos of Ceylan and the rest of the material (mostly testimonials) over Zoom. Then, I edited them professionally and delivered the finished results for her use. After sharing the videos across her social media platforms, Ceylan told me that the videos increased her conversions by 50%!

We both learned that a campaign could be wholly created and executed online, with brilliant results.

3. Relaunching my Visibility Matters course

In 2021, I relaunched my online course, Visibility Matters. It was originally a six-week course that would run at certain times. However, in the past 2 years we’ve seen how unpredictable life can be! For many there have been children in and out of school, family members staying for long periods and difficulties sharing home and workspace.

I realised that it would be more effective if people could access it in their own time. I transformed Visibility Matters into a six-module on demand course, which instantly saw more people sign up. More proof that flexibility is key, especially for those with small businesses. I added an option to upgrade to a VIP Expert feedback with me – for those who need accountability and ongoing feedback.

(If you want to know more about it, you can find out here: Grow your business with video)


I’ve always known the importance of collaboration but this was heightened during 2021. Working with others, particularly when I can help with their feelings and challenges around video, is incredibly rewarding.

I love collaborating with other small business owners to bring out the best in them and their business through video. Maybe next year, we’ll work together?

What are your words for 2021? What stand-out memories do you have? I’d love to hear about them.

If you haven’t seen our Instagram page, you’ll find lots of information on video marketing specifically for small business owners to inspire you and help you master your video marketing in 2022.




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