Myth #5- “I need to learn how to present to the camera.”

Do you ever feel awkward speaking on camera?

Don’t worry, we all do!

Most people believe that they need to train to learn how to present on camera.

We all have the fear that comes with presenting, and when we have to do it in front of an unknown audience, that fear can become overwhelming.

This is often what stops most of us from producing video content for our businesses… but what if I told you people love the honest, true, and real people they see in videos?

You don’t need to have a wealth of experience in presenting to be a great presenter for your business videos. People love seeing real people, and the business videos that feel honest and real are the ones that get the most engagement from the right audiences.

The more you practice and the more videos you record, the more confident you will feel.

But, in the meantime, you can still appear confident on camera with a little preparation and the right mindset!

How to appear more confident when speaking to the camera:

  • Don’t over practice. When you practice a conversation you want to have in front of the camera over and over, it can become more overwhelming. It can also begin to feel a little more scripted, without that wonderful natural edge that you can have when you just converse with the people watching.
  • Take a deep breath between takes and continue on. Getting into the “zone” can be something that takes some deep breathing, and perhaps a little bit of dancing to get you into your happy zone!
  • Have a giggle. Laughter is a fantastic drug, and having a giggle before you get started can help give you a huge confidence boost.
  • Remember the feeling of fear is the same as excitement. You know that feeling you get before you get on a rollercoaster? That is a mixture of fear and…excitement! If you transfer your mindset to feelings of excitement then that can help you to take on the filming in a new light. The power of the mind is an incredible thing, and it really can help you to feel confident when presenting to the camera.

Your business videos are not televised productions. You are not playing the role of TV news anchor or reporting journalist or talk show host.

Putting yourself under pressure to appear like these professionals is a very tough task. But is it really worth the effort?

The most important thing is for you to show your prospect who you REALLY are. Be yourself!

Look into the camera, imagining you’re looking into the eyes of your ideal client.

What would you tell them?

How would you talk?

The more real you are, the more chances you have to attract more of the right clients.

Now that the pressure has been lifted, go out and record some of your own content. And make sure you tag @ufocuspro if you’d like some feedback.

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Happy filming! ?

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