Common Myths about Producing Marketing Videos Part 1

It costs a fortune!

In this series, I will be sharing the top myths about having videos produced for your business. This series is to help debunk some of these myths, but more importantly to help you to take on the world of videos with confidence and drive!

Now, let me start this series with one of my personal favourites, and the most common point that is given to me when I am speaking with people. That’s right, “it must cost a fortune, I haven’t got the budget“. Many of us remember those good old times when there were no mobile phones and very few super-expensive digital cameras, when all kinds of videos were mainly produced by production houses.

Oftentimes business owners are looking to create videos that they can use in marketing such as social media, the work they need is to feature their business in a great light, but isn’t in need of all the super-incredible techniques used in company adverts for TV. This is where the budgets you may first be thinking are coming from. Yes, it may feel like doing it yourself will cost less, but here’s my little rundown of what you’ll need to do high-quality videos that will make sure your brand looks top-notch:

  1. A microphone for clear crisp sound – between £80 and £200
  2. A camera of good quality (yes, phone cameras are amazing and can be great for quick stories, but if you’re looking for a video that attracts great clients you’ll require something a little better) – from £150 to £1,000
  3. A tripod to prevent shaky camera syndrome – around £50

And now the most important expense–your valuable time. It takes hours to get inspired to sit down and do videos in advance, and then you need to spend even more time going through the footage editing it. Your time is precious, and if video editing is not on your wish list of skills to update then why spend time on it when you could be working with clients? This is not to mention that, like any other job, good quality video production requires certain skills.

Now we come to the wonders of independent videographers (tooting my trumpet a little here!). There are a huge range of us out there, and our fees usually include all of the above. Add on the skills and expertise to help put you at ease, look your best, and have an excellent result at the end without the stress of doing it all yourself. What I truly believe is that we all have our amazing skills and knowledge, so when it comes to needing a service provided to your business, using a professional means getting the best result, as well as the least amount of stress for you having to learn on the go.

Some people think it’s nothing less than £5,000 to have videos produced by an independent business, some believe it’s even more than that. But did you ever try checking how much a video costs when produced by independent professionals (people call them videographers these days)?

Ask your network for recommendations or go online and get a few quotes from those–you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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