Making Marketing Videos: 5 Myths

Myth #1: “It costs a fortune!”

In this series, I’ll be sharing the top myths about producing videos for your business. This series is to help debunk some of these myths, but more importantly to help you to take on the world of videos with confidence and drive!

Now, let me start this series with one of my personal favourites, and the most common myth I hear from business owners and entrepreneurs all the time:

“It must cost a fortune, I can’t afford it!”

Many of us remember those good old days when there were no mobile phones and very few super-expensive digital cameras, back when all kinds of videos were mainly produced by big production companies.

Oftentimes business owners are looking to create videos that they can use in digital marketing such as social media these days, but still think of the video production process as something very costly.

However, the work they need to help them feature their business in a great light doesn’t demand all of the extensive techniques used in company adverts for TV. This would require a healthy budget, but it’s not necessary for a much smaller production.

Some business owners feel like it’s more cost-effective to make the videos themselves.

While I applaud them for the effort and their drive, it might actually end up costing more than many of us think. Especially when we consider producing a video telling a business’s story or a promo to put on a landing or home page. Here’s my little rundown of what you’ll need to create high-quality videos that will make sure your brand looks top-notch:

  • A microphone for clear crisp sound – between £80 and £200 at least
  • A camera of good quality (yes, phone cameras are amazing and can be great for quick stories, but if you’re looking for a video that attracts great clients you’ll require something a little better) – £500 to £1,000
  • A tripod to prevent shaky camera syndrome – around £50

And then there’s the most important expense – your valuable time.

It takes hours to get inspired to sit down and do scripts and plan videos in advance, and then you need to spend even more time going through the footage and editing it.

Let alone the whole creative process of interpreting the words with images and making sure your audiences don’t get bored with just the talking heads…

Your time is precious, and if video editing is not on your wish list of skills to update then why spend time on it when you could be working with clients?

Just like any other job, good quality video production requires certain specialized skills.

This is where independent videographers come to the rescue.

There is a huge range of us all over the world, and our fees can include everything from concept construction to the final product.

We have the skills, expertise, and personal touch to help put you at ease, look your best, and produce a gorgeous video without the stress of managing it all yourself. All you need to do is show up and follow some simple instructions.

I truly believe that we all have unique skills and knowledge, and when it comes to your business, hiring a professional is the way to go.

Most people think they’ll need to spend at least £5k for videos produced by an independent business. (Some think it’s even more than that!)

But have you had a look around the Internet and checked out how much video costs when produced by independent professionals? (Hint: they also go by videographers!)

At UFocus, our prices start from £450 and we offer free quotes for your unique project and work hard to make sure they are pleasantly affordable whilst delivering the best possible result. Get yours right here.

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