I mentioned in my last blog how February is the new December, this year a bout of food poisoning made my start even slower, but I am looking forward to the start of Spring. Whether you started the year with a bang and have faltered, or perhaps approached things more gently then Spring can be the push you need to get everything going again.

What’s top of your list?

It should be video marketing. Of course, I would say that, but I’m not the only one. In a recent article, Forbes explained why small businesses need to meet their customers where they are.

Where is that?

In front of their screens.

You don’t have to listen to me, but you do need to listen to your customers, and they are demanding more video content from businesses, year on year.

I’ve shared some ideas on the types of videos that customers want to see in 2022, but I thought I’d go deeper and really set a fire under you to just do it.

Start your video marketing NOW!

If you’re a doer; the type of person who takes action immediately, who likes to try and accept the consequences, then just grab your phone, make a video about your business and post it.

If you’ve been following me for some time, you might be shocked at this advice. However, all my clients are different, and for some making a start is the hardest part.

Do it, and see.

Maybe you’re not normally this type of person, but just this once will make an exception. That’s fine too.

Why do I recommend this? Because it’s a positive action. You will experience many emotions during this experiment, and one of them is likely to be fear, but you’ll know now that it can be done and the world won’t end when you do it.

You have to start somewhere, and look – now you have.

You’ll learn a lot from how you take it, how you feel about the comments (if there are any). You’ll know what you or your audience liked and what you would/wouldn’t do next time.

It’s a giant leap but it’s also a huge learning curve.

Start your video marketing journey – later.

If you are not that brave yet, that’s ok, even I have been there too.

When are you going to start? You need to make a plan.

Say: My first post is going to be at the end of March, my second will be mid-April, my third at the end of April, and so on.

Those are deadlines and you need to prepare for them. Set aside time in your schedule to meet them. Make those videos.

Your plan will help you mentally prepare for posting them. Many people underestimate how important that is for their journey.

Still unsure if you can do it?

If you’re really struggling with both options, I understand. Video marketing can be overwhelming when you first approach it and that’s why I developed Visibility Matters.

If you tend to overthink, or really want your videos to be perfect before your post – this course will help reassure you. If you think it’s beyond your expertise, you will learn that it’s not.

You will learn how to grow your business with video, in your own time. You can access the six modules when it suits you, overcome your confidence issues on camera and learn the technical details to shoot amazing videos on your mobile phone.

I’m even providing a 30% discount on the course to my followers, available until March! Use the code LOVEISINTHEAIR222 to get yours.

Share your journey!

I love supporting other small business owners. Let me know where you’re struggling or succeeding in your video marketing journey. Visit our LinkedIn or Facebook today and let me know how you’re getting on.


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