By now, all business owners, whether small, medium or large, have come to understand that video is a vital piece of their marketing strategy. It’s super accessible and it’s a brilliant way to connect with your customers and let them learn something new. In 2021, people in Western countries are expected to consume more than 100 minutes of video a day, so being effective on video is more important than ever before.

But what happens when it’s not going to plan? You’ve detailed your strategy, set it all up, but you just can’t get the right take. We all have days when things don’t go our way, and unfortunately, creating videos isn’t excluded from that.

We’ve been doing this for some time, and some days even we struggle, but we know how to overcome it – so here’s our four top tips:

1) Prepare

Jot down your general ideas before you decide to film. Some bullet points will do – it shouldn’t be a script, or you’ll be tempted to follow it to the letter. If you’ve ever seen a video of someone reading or reciting their script – you’ll know why this doesn’t work.

Consider your main theme and simply write a couple of points to keep you on track. You don’t have to stick rigidly to it, but knowing that it’s there will make you feel more comfortable and even the act of writing down the points will help you remember them when you’re in front of the camera (or phone!)

If you feel nervous, then you can run through it once beforehand to get comfortable which might also help you avoid words that make you stumble.

2) Captions

If there’s a part of your video where you keep stumbling, then simply cut just before you get stuck, and add some captions.

It’s completely natural to stumble when you’re trying to record – the added pressure of the camera and the fact you might feel a little nervous will contribute to this. Sometimes you get stuck on a word and end up going around in circles as it becomes a stumbling block every time you get to that word. Don’t stress, simply add it in writing.

Captions are a great way to add something different to your video, and will help emphasise your message. Your audience will never know that you had an issue – they’ll simply think you have snappy marketing!

Did you know that Google can’t watch your videos, but can crawl your captions? So, you could also be boosting your ranking by just adding a few words of text – make sure they count!

3) Pick a Spot

Find somewhere to stand or sit to create your video and ensure you are comfortable before you begin. If you keep moving, or shifting from side to side, it distracts your audience, and on some level, it’s distracting you and preventing you from getting your message across properly.

Do consider the place you’re choosing beforehand. Is someone or something likely to come into shot that will distract you/the audience? You don’t want to have to do several takes simply because something is causing a continuous interruption.

Go for a quiet space, with a background that won’t distract from what you’re saying. Make sure that you feel calm – and press ‘record’.

4) Just Leave It for Now

Your time is precious and if you’re not getting the video done in the allotted time, then you’re just wasting valuable minutes or hours.

Some days, it simply won’t work and it’s perfectly ok to leave it and try again tomorrow. If you plan to do a batch, then pushing forward when it’s not working may just be throwing your own time away. Reschedule if you’re feeling totally distracted.

A 1-minute video usually takes at least 15 minutes to create. Sometimes it may take as long as 30 minutes, but you shouldn’t spend any more time than this. Don’t overthink it. Some days it will run like clockwork and other days feel harder. Remember that it’s your time, and it’s precious.

Still Struggling?

If you’ve had no training and feel insecure about your video skills, you’re certainly not alone.

We’ve worked with several business owners over the past few years and developed a signature course to help you overcome the stumbling blocks that often arise when you’re starting out with your video marketing.

This used to be a one-to-one programme, but working in a group and knowing that others are in the same boat has actually enhanced the course. For 2021, we’re offering a DIY self-paced course called Visibility Matters.

Visibility Matters will teach you how to create your own amazing videos, including at least 5 pieces of video content under the careful guidance of Eugenia. You’ll also receive a customised strategy for your video content so you can increase your reach and build a fantastic relationship with potential customers.

To become a video marketing wiz, simply sign up here!

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